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Ghee Pongal with YES Pongal Raw Rice

ghee pongal with YES pongal raw rice The rich taste and aroma of desi ghee elevates the simple Pongal to a delightful dish. Try this recipe that uses nuts and spices along with ghee and YES Sona Pongal Rice to make a winning Pongal dish that can be served on any occasion! Ingredients: 1 cup of…

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Ghee Rice with YES Rajabogam Rice

Ghee Rice with YES Rajabogam Rice A light yet fancy fare, Ghee Rice makes a great dish when you want to create something spectacular with limited ingredients and time. The fragrance of desi ghee and aromatic spices makes this dish a stunner, fit for parties and elegant sit-down dinners! Learn how to make Ghee Rice…

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Idly with YES Idly Rice

idly with YES idly rice Piping hot, soft idlis make for a hearty and delicious breakfast. Idlis are a very common preparation in South Indian homes as well as Udipi restaurants – enjoyed with sides of sambar, coconut chutney, podi and a variety of pachadis. Not only that, an assortment of savoury dishes can be…

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Kara Pongal with YES Pongal Raw Rice

Kara Pongal with YES Pongal raw rice A favourite staple among South Indian families, Pongal is easily made and quickly relished. Kara Pongal (or savoury Pongal) is one of the many types of Pongals popular in Southern kitchens of India. As with all pongals, the type and cooking of rice is all important to give…

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Lemon Rice with YES Sona Delight Rice

Lemon Rice with YES Sona Delight Rice Lemon Rice is a vibrant, flavourful dish that is very easy to make. Non-spicy and filling, it can be relished by anyone – from children to the elderly. This brightly coloured rice dish can be made quickly with simple ingredients and YES Thanjavur Ponni Rice, making it a…

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Sambar Rice with YES Deluxe Special Rice

sambar rice with YES deluxe special rice Sambhar Rice also called as bisibelebath, is a staple fair in South India, enjoyed for lunch, dinner and even tiffins. There are many different way to prepare this dish – some recipes require the rice and dal to be cooked together before tempering, while some call for sambhar…

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Vegetable Fried Rice with YES Thanjavur Ponni Rice

Veg Fried Rice with YES Thanjavur Ponni Ingredients: 1 ½ cup of YES Sona Raw Rice, 1 potato chopped, 1 carrot chopped, 1 onion sliced, 1 tbsp. ginger paste, 1 tbsp. garlic paste, 3 table spoons green peas, 2 Green Chili (finely chopped), 1 tbsp. lemon juice, 2 tsp coriander leaves, 2 tsp mint leaves, 2…

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Vegetarian Biryani with YES Sona Raw Rice

Veg Biryani with YES Sona Raw Rice Biryani is a decadent Mughlai dish with bold flavours, aromas and striking colours. While the original dish as enjoyed by Mughal royalty and prepared by their chefs was a non-vegetarian one, it can also be enjoyed as a vegetarian fare, keeping its robust flavours intact. While the type…

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