Special Varieties

Ponni Brown Rice

Tamil Nadu’s favourite healthy rice variety, now available with all the goodness of brown rice & manufactured from SonaMasoori Paddy.

Benefits & Features

Brown rice has high  nutrient value, rich in fibre & minerals like manganese, selenium, phosphorous, copper as well as vitamins B1, B3 and B6.

Production method: Minimum 12 Months

Storing Time/Age: Raw

Available packings
  1. Ponni Brown rice 1kg
  2. Ponni Brown rice 5kg

Red Matta Boiled Rice

Indigenous to the Palakkad region of Kerala, Red Matta or Rose Matta or simply Red Rice is a unique variety of rice with round grains and a distinct flavour profile & manufactured from TKM9 paddy.

Benefits & Features

Red rice gets its colour from a substance called anthocyanin, which is a powerful antioxidant. Red rice has a wonderful nutty flavour and aroma can be used to create wonderful recipes.

Production method: Minimum 6 Months

Storing Time/Age: Boiled

Available packings
  1. Red Matta 5kg
  2. Red Matta 25kg

Thanjavur White Ponni

All the goodness and Original flavour of Tamil Nadu’s Ponni rice in a refined, milled, husk and bran-free form sourced from Thanjavur delta region& manufactured from White Ponni paddy.

Benefits & Features

The rice is slightly big in nature but when It cooks to slender, soft & long separate grains, true feast for original Ponni lovers. It is easy to digest, low on fiber and contains wide range of nutrients.

Production method: Boiled

Storing Time/Age: Minimum 12 Months

Available packings
  1. Thanjavur White Ponni boiled 1kg
  2. Thanjavur White Ponni boiled 5kg
  3. Thanjavur White Ponni boiled 10kg
  4. Thanjavur White Ponni boiled 25kg

Sona raw rice

Sona or Sona Masuri rice is a special aromatic variety of rice that is largely cultivated in Gangavati & & manufactured from SonaMasoori Paddy.

Benefits & Features

Comparable in fragrance to Basmati, it is lighter on the stomach, easy to digest and contains far less starch content than other varieties. Its mild fragrance makes it perfect for biriyanis, pulaos and fried rice.

Production method: Raw

Storing Time/Age:  Minimum 12 Months

Available packings
  1. Sona Raw rice 1kg
  2. Sona Raw rice 5kg
  3. Sona Raw rice 10kg
  4. Sona Raw rice 25kg
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