Guided by our Mission Statement, Vision and Motto we believe in providing respectable sustenance to all our stakeholders, the community we work in as well as Mother Nature. Our approach to being a socially sensitive and responsible organization reflects on three tiers-

At the grass-roots:

We work with local farmers and paddy growers in TN, purchasing directly from them. Not only are we buyers, we also invest in providing agricultural education and bringing in new methods of farming that help eliminate wastage, improve the quality of crop and also increase yield by safe, natural means.

At employee level:

Our factory employs over 100 locals in Tindivanam, allowing them to raise their standard of living, and provide a respectable living to their families.Our employee training program provides a platform for the talented workers that might otherwise be at a disadvantage owing to lack of opportunities.

At environmental level:

With food being the crux of our entire existence, we understand the urgent necessity of giving back to Mother Nature what we’re taking from her. Throughout the production process, we aim and attempt to minimise our ecological impact and carbon footprint.

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