The Secret Behind Plastic Rice

Source: Lets Make Engineering Simple- Youtube

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Setting Rice Myths Right!

There are so many myths surrounding rice that it has now become one of the most controversial foods. Despite being the second-highest producer of rice in the world, many Indians view rice with great scepticism and some avoid it altogether thanks to a range of misconceptions about its value in our diet. The truth is,…

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Rice for the Gluten-Allergic

World-over, almost 1 in 100 people suffer from celiac disease, an autoimmune condition where the body isn’t able to digest gluten, a protein found in wheat (also in rye and barley). When people with this condition eat wheat, the body responds by attacking its own intestinal lining. Over a period this causes long-term damage to…

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Do’s and Don’ts of Cooking Rice

Many consider rice one of the easiest things to make. However, as with any other form of starchy carbohydrate, rice too must be cooked well in order for it taste well, and be stored well, be edible, be absorbed well by the body. Simple things such as the amount of water used, the heat applied,…

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Red, Brown, White: What do rice colours mean?

Globally, over 40,000 varieties of rice are cultivated, according to the Rice Gene Bank. Rice comes in all types of sizes and colours – and each variety has its own distinctive taste and aroma. While rice can be categorised in different ways – by colour, size, length, aroma, cultivation process – one of the most…

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